By Rob Doar

Minnesota Permit to Carry / Concealed Carry Courses you can take at your own pace online, through a live-online zoom session, and live in-person options for securing your right to self-defense in the North Star State and beyond.

Flexible Options

We have numerous options to meet the needs of our students. We offer the ability to take your permit to carry course live online via Zoom, self-paced online, or live in-person

Carry in 36+ States

In addition to Minnesota, our course is accepted in multiple other states. With reciprocity and non-resident permits, you can carry in over 36 states

Post-Course Help

We're committed to our students. Even after your course, we're here to help you with any questions you have, permit denials, or in the event of self-defense encounters

Being Prepared Means Being Informed

We are not an online certificate mill. We owe a duty to make sure our students are fully informed about the laws surrounding the lawful carry of firearms, use of force laws (including case law), and ensure you are prepared for the physical, emotional, and legal consequences of armed encounters.

Our course covers the basics of handgun use and operations as well as defensive tactics. Our classes use interactive and multi-media materials for dynamic learning. Excellent for beginners and experts alike. 

Lead instructor Rob Doar is renown all over country as an expert in self-defense laws and the legal challenges facing gun ownership. Rob has worked with law enforcement and legal professionals to develop the best permit to carry class in Minnesota

Unlike many other courses that simply focus on turning over as many students as possible, we take our responsibility to prepare our students for every aspect of gun ownership and self-defense including selecting the right firearm, safe storage, legal use of force, and most importantly, how to handle the aftermath of a self-defense encounter.

Who is eligible to get a Minnesota permit to carry?

You must be 21 years old to apply for you permit to carry. You may take the class up to one year before your application date.

To apply for a Minnesota permit to carry, you must be a U.S. citizen or have a green card.

You Must not be prohibited from possessing a firearm under Minnesota Statute 624.714:

  • Crimes of violence
  • Felony conviction
  • Certain gross misdemeanors
  • Controlled substance crimes
  • Domestic assault, order for protection violation, stalking, or harassment
  • Assault crimes (non-domestic related)Person charged with a crime
  • Listed in the criminal gang investigation system
  • Persons charged with a crime of violence and placed in a pretrial diversion program
  • Persons who flee from a state to avoid prosecution or testifying
  • Persons who are “an unlawful user” of a controlled substance
  • Persons who have been committed as mentally ill, mentally retarded, or mentally ill and dangerous
  • Persons who have been found incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of mental illness
  • Persons currently committed as chemically dependent
  • Peace officers informally admitted to treatment facilities for chemical dependency
  • Fugitives from justice
  • Illegal aliens
  • Persons dishonorably discharged from the armed forces
  • Persons who have renounced U.S. citizenship

What Our Students Have to Say

This course really opened my eyes to how much more there is to self-defense than just carrying a weapon. Rob was super informed and made the information easy to understand.
Kevin S.
This was my 3rd renewal of my Minnesota permit to carry permit, and was the best class I've had. Knowing how to shoot is easy, knowing how to keep your butt out of jail is hard, but this class makes it easy.
Zack A.
Stillwater, MN
I thought this class would be just about how to shoot and carry and learned so much more. This class covers all of the legal issues around carrying, and I found the information about how to handle the aftermath of self-defense situations the most valuable.
Frank L.
The best Minnesota concealed carry class bar none. I've been through other online classes and just clicked the boxes and learned nothing. This class gives you so much information, but what's the best is the instructors are there after class for any questions or support you need!
Jack T.
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